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OH NO! The iPad accidentally broke. 
What do I do now?

First, don't panic! The most important thing is to let Ms. Malara know IMMEDIATELY.  You can do this by emailing her or sending the broken iPad to school so that your child's teacher can let Ms. Malara know.  You can also send a text to Ms. Malara, but know that texts are only checked before/after school.  Please remember to state your child's name in the email/text.  It is also incredibly helpful if you can send a picture of the sticker on the back on the iPad (the Asset Sticker), which is silver in color and will start with a code with either DOE-COV, DOE-R2CV or DOE-ACBF, followed by a string of numbers.

The iPads are covered by Apple Care for another year.  All repairs will be covered by the school.

We understand that accidents happen.  The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can get it fixed.  The way this works is we put in a ticket for the broken iPad, and the DOE will contact us with an appointment to have the iPads replaced.  Sometimes this takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks.  

Tips for taking care of the iPad to avoid accidental damage:

  • Do not carry the iPad around while in use.  Stay at a table or seated while using the iPad.

  • Do not eat or drink while using the iPad.

  • Keep the iPad away from children who are too young to use it.  This is usually when damage happens.

  • When storing the iPad, do not leave it on the corner of a table or shelf where it can be knocked over.  Have a set place to store and charge the iPad.

What happens if the charger that comes with my iPad breaks or stops working?

You will need to let us know, and you will need to send in the broken charger (the wire and the block) so that we can replace it.  The DOE does not replace these, we have to do it from school.  We know that the chargers can be very delicate, but they are also expensive, so please try to take the best care possible.

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